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: Mexico tightens border to U.S. southern states ahead of 4th of July celebrations as coronavirus cases spike


Mexico’s state of Sonora has toughened its border restrictions ahead of a the Fourth of July holiday in the U.S., typically a heavy time of tourism, as cases of coronavirus spike in America.

The Wall Street Journal: USS Ronald Reagan and Nimitz carriers sent to disputed waters as China tensions rise


The U.S. is sending two aircraft carriers into one of Asia’s hottest spots to deliver a pointed message to China that it doesn’t appreciate Beijing’s military ramp-up in the region.

What's Worth Streaming: ‘Hamilton’ and everything else coming to Disney+ in July 2020


Broadway hit comes July 3, and ‘Solo’ and the Muppets are on tap as well

What's Worth Streaming: ‘Hamilton,’ ‘Baby-Sitters Cub’ and more: Here’s what’s worth streaming in July 2020


Netflix is bringing ‘The Baby-Sitters Club’ and a ton of teen shows, while most other streaming services take a summer break.

Key Words: Trump trade adviser Navarro blasts Beijing for ‘spawning’ the coronavirus and then ‘seeding and spreading’ the disease


White House trade adviser Peter Navarro in a Friday afternoon television interview accused China of having “spawned” and “hid” the coronavirus that causes the disease COVID-19 and then sending “hundreds of thousands of Chinese nationals” to “seed and spread” the disease “to the United States and Italy and everywhere in between.”

‘Let the music play’: Eric Clapton, Iron Maiden and Ed Sheeran and 1,500 leading musicians tell U.K. government


Ed Sheehan, Iron Maiden and Eric Clapton are among 1,500 U.K. musicians urging the government to support the live music industry.

Dark day for workers as thousands lose jobs including 15,000 at Boeing rival Airbus.


The U.K. government’s job support package has paid the wages of 9.3 million workers since April, but in August it will be relaxed and there are fears this could cause a wave of unemployment.

NewsWatch: Here’s why U.S. struggles with the coronavirus could lead to Europe’s stock market taking the lead


A growing number of prominent Wall Street institutions are making the prediction that 2020 will be the year for Europe’s stock market to outshine its U.S. counterpart as the coronavirus takes diverging tracks in the two economic powerhouses.

Coronavirus was the perfect storm for tech innovation, and this fund manager made out


Many of Cathie Wood’s biggest bets on technology just took a big leap forward, helped along by the coronavirus crisis. She spoke with MarketWatch about why the market chop of the spring has made her job so rewarding.

Key Words: Ex–Obama economic adviser offers a fiscal stimulus plan that’s ‘incredibly high bang for the buck’


Jason Furman, a Harvard economics professor and former economic adviser to President Barack Obama, has a very simple plan to both stimulate the economy and slow the spread of coronavirus.


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